Our Beloved Sail Boat Taihoa is For Sale, she is a Beautiful boat that we have lived aboard for the past 15 years.

Taihoa: a Colin Archer styled Gaff Rigged Cutter, Double ended Full Keel Boat built to take offshore. 

Nothing epitomizes the Romance of the Sea like a classic Gaff Rigged Sailboat. 

Taihoa has a Beautiful interior with many amenities to make living aboard a dream come true. Taihoa was a winner at the Victoria Classic Boat show in 2007, and is the only Canadian Boat featured in the Book "Down Below Aboard the Worlds Classic Yachts" by Matthew Walker. If you are not comfortable with being the center of attention at dockside, or under sail, ... this boat is not for you! 

If after viewing the information presented here, and you think you would like to view / make an offer on the boat, please complete the email form and  we will provide further information eg. latest survey (September 2016) and contact you to make an appointment.


Maori word meaning "Wait a Minute"
From the Designer of Taihoa:
"The hull type  double-ended, raised flush deck was selected because of it’s great strength, safety, sea keeping ability, freedom from working under stress, and roominess and living comfort below decks”

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